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13 December 2010 @ 12:44 pm
I swear I'm falling off fandom. I don't watch anything, don't check on any updates at all. If I get to know anything kpop related, it's through my friends' word of mouth. D:
It's not like I'm dying w/o fandom, but it feels as though a piece of me is missing.
I can't go for any concerts/kpop events before Os, after Os, I have no $$$ to go etc. ):
I'm..still relatively happy. But I fear falling off fandom completely will somehow hurt my social life. Because thats what everyone is talking about these days. And there is where I get to know many amazing friends.

People should stop calling the Fujifilm Instax series polaroids. When I ask is it the real polaroid, you said yes. But your blog showed Fujifilm Instax. Theres a diff between polaroid and instant camera. For me, at least. :/

Have been working at Seoul Garden E!Hub for the past one week. My wrist is going to break, and my legs..are adapting fine. But the first 3 days was hell for my poor legs since we don't get to sit at all. People there are great! They are all very nice! Except for that female supervisor which we all hate.
Got eyecandy too! One is the operation trainer from China, the other is a ..crew like me la. But Eliqah is taking him, so I keep my hands off haha. The china operation trainer is taken by my very nice section leader though. She takes care of me a lot, and she's super nice, so I'm keeping my hands off too. Hehh. Our female supervisor is a two face bitch. Sigh. Anyway, many of them thought I was from China, and a few thought I'm from korea. :/
Customers also like that. >.< they ask for smth in english, but cos I'm..partially hearing impaired, I say 'sorry?', and they change to mandarin, w/o increasing their volume. So I go on saying 'sorry?' for a few more seconds.
Ytd was..interesting lol. Apparently this table of customers thought i was Korean(i assume la), cos they looked at me weirdly when i first served them food. Then when I went to clear their tables..they started humming 'I'll be back', by 2PM..right? I told my friend that table humm very loud to themselves, they say no leh, when they go dun have. When they left, I was being polite and saying thank you while bowing. my habit I guess. My other friend told me when i cross the road, i not only raise my hand but I also bow to the car that stop for us to cross. Didnt realise until she told me. Yeah lor, they started sniggering/giggling/whispering. -_- wtf.

My dad has a heart problem. And it's my fault. Because when he is angry, he becomes violent to my mum. I beg him not to. So now he hits himself in the chest Part of his heart muscle is now dead. His health is really bad now. Yet, he still get angry so easily and stuff. I don't know how to help. I'm scared. His feet swells up at night sometimes. I'm really scared. He's so weak at times.
I really didn't hear him talking to me. Me and my dad have communication break downs. ): I can't understand what he wants and vice versa.
He threw a bottle of mineral water at my back when I was using the computer. Then a moisturizer at my chin. hurts. Just because he didn't hear me reply him. And I was keeping quiet. Now he's comlaining about my mum. idk what to do, idk how to help, idk how to stop aggravating his condition because Idk what he is angry over and what i did to make him angry.
Hui Ju you unfilial bitch.
A bitch through and through

Shall go eat lunch soon. then bathe/sleep then sleep/bathe and prepare to go for work, which is at 4.30, because I want to eat my dinner there. hehh.
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